More than just teaching...

An Immersive Learning Experience for English Language Learners


The KEMJO concept aims to serve foreign language learners looking to increase confidence in their English proficiency.


Our products complement those who are currently undergoing traditional English instruction and act to fast-track their learning.


This is achieved through fun, interactive and hands-on activities drawn from the principles of Natural and Active Learning along with exposure to native speakers.


KEMJO is targeted at those who wish to broaden their horizons to modern education in learning centres, schools or academic camps. 


​ English teachers and TEFL teachers  ​​​

  • Improve teaching

  • Refresh lessons with practical, complementary material that promotes ‘Natural Learning’

  • Want to expose learners to native speakers

  • Vary lesson content to include real life applications



KEMJO Live Video Lessons

Introduce KEMJO LVLs to bring an immersive experience into your schools or learning centres year round!

KEMJO at Home

Continue the journey to confident proficiency at home with KEMJO! 

One to One speaking practice with a native English speaker. Send us a chat message for more information. 

KEMJO Collaborations

Bring a native speaker into your school or learning centre to run activities, lessons or workshops!

Send us a chat message for more information.


The ultimate immersive experience!

Both online and physically, we can help you create an immersive, hands-on and practical learning environment. 

Send us a chat message for more information.


English Cool Camp, Romania


English Cool Camp is an English language summer camp based in Romania. Why? Education has been in partnership with them to bring KEMJO to English language learners throughout the summer months across the country, fast-tracking English proficiency and continually learning from both fellow educators and learners. In 2020, this partnership continues with KEMJO content being at the heart of education at English Cool Camp. We look forward to seeing you all at camp this year! Find out more about English Cool Camp by clicking the logo above!

Together we are KEMJO

KEMJO is a product we are proud to bring to you in collaboration between Why? Education, and Forever Young Education, a well-known language camp organiser. Together we aim to provide the best non-formal educational activities with your learners in mind, promoting confident English proficiency. For us, we believe that learning will come naturally provided those involved are set up for success.

Kevin Orme
Why? Education

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